Monday, 13 February 2017

All you need is love ....

Morning all,

Did you get any snow at the weekend ? We got just enough for it to be white over and look pretty and I did see a very diddy snowman being made !

Just in case you've forgotten, or are very last ( who me ? 😉) then I've got a little reminder that it's Valentine's Day tomorrow, although these cards could also be used for other occasions.

Cute aren't they ? I stamped these at Onstage Local at Telford and just mounted them to make larger cards. It's really useful at training events to make samples with products you don't own - although most of them eventually end up on my shelf lol !

Anyway, enjoy , if you get any romantic treats tomorrow - and if not , why not pop over to my store and treat yourself ! At least you'll get something you know you will like !

Happy Stampin

Julie x

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