Friday, 10 March 2017

Sitting here ......

Thank crunchie it's Friday !! I've had a lovely but very busy week and a big thank you to all the ladies that have attended my classes this week.

This is one of the cards we made this week .....

This caused quite a giggle midweek. On Wednesdays I do a class in the morning and then repeat the same class to another lovely bunch of ladies in the afternoon. Quite often I hear myself saying the same thing and it often feels like Groundhog Day !
Anyway during the afternoon session I was explaining about the cushions when we realised we couldn't find the round cushion stamp on the table. We searched everywhere because I knew it had been there in the morning. We checked the floor, still no joy so I ended up texting my morning ladies to see if anyone had accidentally picked it up. Still no sign of it so we improvised , and then later in the class one of the ladies stood up - and we found she had been sitting on it , block and all !!!
The fact that it was a cushion and the stamp set is Sitting Here made us all smile.

Enjoy the weekend

Julie x

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