Sunday, 8 May 2016

Work of Art

Happy Sunday to you all !

Did you enjoy the Jem's blog hop yesterday ? I spent a lovely time in the garden late afternoon visiting all the blogs until the thunder started and I had to dash inside before the heavens opened.
It's been gorgeous here today though - shame I spent most of it inside Merry Hill shopping centre as I'd promised my girls a girly shopping day. Well they did the shopping and I did the paying lol !

Today's project is another one I made for the Telford displays. It's not a card this time, I stamped on a canvas to showcase the In Colour Watermelon Wonder...

Hubby and I visited quite a few places before we found the 'right' paintbrush. He would point one out and I would say but I don't want black bristles, a red handle , or that's too heavy or large ! I knew what I wanted !

This was probably one of my favourite projects and I love using the different sized circle punches to make spiralled flowers.
You will see a lot of Timeless Textures stamping too - that's definitely one of my ' go to ' sets at the moment.

Hope you like.

Julie x


  1. Love love love this true work of art.... I can just imagine the DH comments you got though....

    1. Thanks Amanda, and thank you for helping out with the required sentiment x